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‘No Glory: the real history of the First World War’

Dr Neil Faulkner, archaeologist and historian


Wednesday 3rd December

St Mary-le-Bow Church


The First World War was a war for empire and profit. It involved four years of industrialised carnage. It represented a world gone mad. Because of this, it was bitterly and increasingly contested by its victims, the ordinary people of Europe and the subject-peoples of the European colonial empires.


Minorities of pacifists, socialists, and anti-imperialists were transformed into the leaders of mass movements of protest that eventually brought the war to an end and shook to its foundations the dysfunctional world order responsible for it. Academic and activist Neil Faulkner, author of the Stop the War pamphlet 'No Glory: the real history of the First World War', gave a thought-provoking talk analysing the war, charting the resistance, and discussing the lessons for today.​ The discussion was chaired by the Revd Chris Brice of St Martin Kentish Town. Chris invited the audience to challenge Neil and raise their own questions and thoughts on the war, and the ways in which it is reflected in modern conflicts and society.


Neil Faulkner is a freelance lecturer, editor, writer, excavator, and occasional broadcaster. Neil lectures widely in archaeology, ancient history, classical civilisation, modern history, and current affairs. He is Editor of the popular magazine Military History Monthly, an Honorary Research Fellow at Bristol University, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Neil’s TV appearances include Channel Four’s Time Team, BBC2’s Timewatch, Channel Five’s Revealed series, and various documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic and more.


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