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Ethical businesses and the moral responsibility of tax

6:00pm, Wednesday 24th May, at Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside


The common good requires a universally accepted system of taxation that is perceived as being fair. What are the legal and moral responsibilities of businesses in relation to taxation? How do ethical businesses reconcile their duty to provide the maximum return to their shareholders with their responsibility to other stakeholders and to contributing towards a just society for all?


JustShare gathered a panel of tax experts to talk about the potential benefits and pitfalls of responsible taxation in an unfair world.


Our speakers were:


  • Rev William Morris (PwC and St Martin-in-the-Fields)

  • Janine Juggins (Unilever)

  • Ewan Livingston (ActionAid)

  • Chaired by Barbara Ridpath (Director, St Paul's Institute)