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Feminist Theology: the voice of the other

6:00pm, Wednesday 14th June 2017, at Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside


A Christian Social and Political Thought lecture by the Ven. Elizabeth Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney, which was chaired by the Revd Lis Goddard, Vicar of St James the Less, Pimlico.

The Ven. Elizabeth Adekunle was born in North London. She trained for Ordination at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, during which she completed a second Masters and is currently working on a part time postgraduate degree. Whilst serving her curacy in the parish of St. Luke, Homerton, she also worked as an on-call chaplain at Homerton Hospital and as Chaplain at St. Mellitus Theological College. In 2011, Elizabeth moved back to Cambridge to take up the post of Chaplain at St. John’s College. She has been part of the Archbishop's Evangelism Task Group for the past two years and Elizabeth has been Archdeacon of Hackney since May 2016.



Liz gave a wonderful lecture exploring the complex world of feminist theology. She explained that although there are many different types of feminism and feminist theology from many different faith traditions, cultures and backgrounds, they all tend to share certain principles and underlying convinctions which shape feminist theology in its many different forms, and provide a focus point of critical debate.


The main convictions which Liz explored were the structural injustices regarding women, the grounding of theology in women's experience and listening and looking for the female voice in the bible. Liz looked at how the role of women have traditionally been interpreted in the bible and the ways in which we exclude and include the female experience in our liturgy, using art at as tool of reimagining and a new way of looking at the text.