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2018 JustShare Events


Protecting, Promoting and Realising the Rights of the Child

Nov 21st

What are some of the biggest challenges that children face today? How can states be held accountable on how it treats their children? How do we make sure that the child’s voice is heard? Why is the right to education so important and what should that education look like? How do we protect the rights of children in humanitarian crises and conflict?


Simon Wright, Director of International Development (PAC, interim), Save the Children


Chris Rose, Director of Amos Trust

Inequality and the Health of Nations

Oct 30th

What are the current global health challenges?/ What social, economic and environmental conditions need to be in place for everyone to have equal access to good health?/ In what ways does healthcare economics and inequality affect the developing world?



Prof Sarah Hawkes, Institute for Global Health, University College London


Louise Meincke, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, World Cancer Research Fund International

The Global Arms Trade: Defending the Indefensible?

June 20th

What matters more in the arms trade – money or morals? Do economic benefits outweigh human rights? Does the arms trade do more to harm human rights than it does to defend national security? These are just some of the big questions that have been at the forefront of this important debate.



Andrew Smith, Campaign Against Arms Trade


Anna Stavrianakis, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex


Nicholas Gilby, Author of Deception in High Places: A History of Bribery in Britain's Arms Trade

The Terms of the World's Trade

30th May

This event addressed an important topic that has been receiving close review and has been at the forefront of both politics and business: trade. It was a very thought provoking evening during which we touched upon some important questions including (but not limited to): post-Brexit trade deals, trade wars, the Commonwealth and how we can make trade work for everyone including the world’s poorest.



Allie Renison - Head of Europe and Trade Policy, Institute of Directors


Stephen Jacobi - Executive Director, NZ International Business Forum


Moderator: Richard Burge - Chief Executive, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

Violence against women and girls: reason to hope? 

May 30th

What hope is there for ending violence against women in the City, nationally and around the world? Currently in the UK, two women are killed by a current or former partner and around the world one in three women have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused. Violence against women and girls is pervasive and not only experienced physically. It can be an everyday and ongoing experience of exclusion, objectification and marginalisation, and can result in torment both emotionally and mentally. In recent years we have witnessed an increase in sexual abuse and violence against women all over the world including towards the highest profile women in UK politics.


Lisa Gormley, LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security


Iman Abou Atta OBE, Director Tell MAMA


Dr Elaine Storkey, philosopher, sociologist, and theologian

Human Trafficking, Business and Faith: the Health and Wealth of Nations

March 20th 

This event addressed the impact of the Transparency of Supply Chain legislation in its first couple of years since the 2015 legislation inaugurated its presence and required designated businesses to be able to report. Although gaining traction only a minority of affected companies are still able to demonstrate responsible management of their supply chains.

The evening focused on what has currently been achieved, what is being addressed in up-coming UK side legislation and where are the significant areas for ongoing policy and business settlement in addressing the global travesty of millions of people caught in exploitation, Human Trafficking and Modern Slave like conditions of work.


Baroness Young - Sponsor of the Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Bill 2017-2019

Mike Dottridge - trustee of the UN Slavery Fund and lead advocate on the Best Interests of the Child

Aidan McQuade - Former CEO of the Anti Slavery Foundation

Revd Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford - Director of Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT)

Professor Simon Stockley - Cambridge Judge Business School

Natalie Evans - Responsible Procurement City of London

And a range of Industry Supply Chain Specialists

Trade Agreements and Human Rights; who cares? 



In a post-Brexit society, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their products and practices do not adversely affect human rights around the world. How do ethical international businesses trade and interact with countries with a track record of human rights abuses? What role should governments and international trade deals take in these considerations?


Dr Stephen Woolcock (International Trade Policy Unit, LSE)


Prof Philip Booth (Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics, St Mary's University)


Charney Magri (slavefreetrade, Fashion4Change, award winning international ethical photographer)


The panel was chaired by Helen Dennis (Policy and Advocacy Manager, Fairtrade Foundation)

Feb 13th