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JustShare Lecture


“Thy Kingdom Come (in the Workplace).”

Friday11th October 2013 at 1:15pm

Deloitte, Stonecutter Street, London


JustShare were delighted to work in partnership with the Deloitte Christian Fellowship to organise this event as part of their fellowship day. Paul Szkiler, Chairman of the Truestone Group and founder of A Call to Business, kindly provided a thought provoking and stimulating lecture on the challenges faced by Christians in the workplace, at home, in the City of London and wider afield.  


Centring his speech on personal anecdotes, Paul shared his experiences of coming to faith, and how that has helped to shape his business ethic, in which he aims to inspire others to use their covenant with God to do righteous work. He illustrated these using Biblical allegories (Exodus 32, and Acts 2) to make connections between the languages commercial life and personal lives, between work and faith.  He highlighted specifically the Exodus Route, the route of the West, and the resonance this has with the work of Deloitte, amongst others.


Paul also shared experiences from his own work in the world’s fastest growing nation Sierra Leone and considered how Christians can make stronger, responsible contributions in their working lives, pointing out that whilst we are striving to do good, we must not neglect the fact that there is more going on in the City of London to create poverty and to fix it.


His lasting message was one of inspiration through faith: “When we commit ourselves to the Lord, He will take you up on your commitment to do good.”


The event took place after a buffet lunch kindly hosted by Deloitte.


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