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"7 Deadly Sins: Capitalism's flat-earth problem and what to do about it."

Dr Eve Poole of Ashridge Business School


29th January 2014 at 6:05pm

St Mary-le-Bow Church


Market capitalism depends on 7 big ideas. Economists like to look scientific, so they tend to present these ideas as laws of nature. But even scientific truth is not this fixed, and the flat-earthers have moved on.


Dr Eve Poole of Ashridge Business School discussed the 7 assumptions that have served the market so well in the past which are now toxic to its future. She suggested ways we correct the system at a fundamental level, so that reforms to the system do not fail.


The event was chaired by James Corah, Deputy Head of Ethical and Responsible Investment at CCLA Investment Management.


More about the speaker:

Eve Poole (BA, MBA, PhD), is Deputy Director of the Ashridge Public Leadership Centre at Ashridge Business School. Now an Ashridge Associate, she joined from Deloitte in 2002, Eve has taught across the school’s portfolio of open and tailored programmes and in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Eve's focus is on leadership, learning, emotional intelligence and ethics.


She has a BA from Durham University, an MBA from Edinburgh University, and a PhD from Cambridge University. Eve has written three books, her latest to be released in 2014 is titled “The 7 Deadly Sins of Capitalism.”


You can also read a transcrip of the talk on Eve's website, http://evepoole.livejournal.com/26632.html



Watch the full lecture: