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‘Divest for Good: making the change from fossil fuels’

Wednesday 19th November

St Mary-le-Bow Church


The fossil fuel divestment movement is growing at rapid speed.  Every day new institutions, businesses, and individuals are stepping away from their investments in fossil fuels, instead making a long-term investments in the future through renewable energy and technology. Yet where does divestment fit within business, policy, and civil society? Should we be challenging investors alone, or should the task of dealing with climate change be left solely the responsibility of governments and policy? What are the ethical motivations for making this decision, and what are the investment alternatives?


On Wednesday 19th November we gathered a panel of experts in the disinvestment campaigns and businesses to speak on what the know best: the global movement to shift investments from fossil fuels towards sustainable engergy. This event was chaired by Brian Cuthbertson who is the Head of Environment and Sustainability for the Diocese of London. We were delighted to have on our panel the following speakers:


  • Ellie Roberts, Divestment Campaigner at Operation Noah

  • Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Director at Carbon Tracker

  • Seb Beloe, Head of sustainability research at WHEB Asset Management


You can listen to the full event now by downloading the MP3 or streaming the audio on YouTube.






Download MP3 recording of event
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