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'Inequality and farce in contemporary Britain: reflections from the Medieval Carnival and the biblical concept of shalom'

Andy and Carol Kingston-Smith of the jusTive initiative


8th July 2014 at 6:05pm

St Mary-le-Bow Church


This engaging talk explores the biblical concept of shalom in contrast between contemporary British policies on socio-economic inequality and medieval festivals which imitated early Christian understandings of the Kingdom of God.


JustShare hosted speakers Andy and Carol Kingston Smith, who are co-founders of the JusTice Initiative, which was founded in 2010 to facilitate and focus Christian engagement with justice related socio-political, economic and environmental issues. They are part-time lecturers in Justice and Mission at Redcliff College in Gloucester, and have co-authored the book Carnival Kingdom, on which this lecture is based. Carnival Kingdom features the work of twelve scholars, theologians, and social activists from around the world, all calling for justice and a renewed society.


Listen to the talk now by downloading or streaming below:

Download MP3 andy carol