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2019 JustShare Events


Fossil Fuels and the Climate Emergency

29th October 2019

The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis and public health emergency.


How can corporations be held to account, and their business models made to be in line with the Paris Agreement? How can we get them to comply with the greenhouse gas targets? What are the approaches we can take to move away from Fossil Fuels? How can we ensure that people enjoy prosperous and healthy lives in the future, not the past?


Adam Matthews - Church of England Pensions Board

Katherine Kramer - Christian Aid

James Buchanan - Operation Noah



Mental Health: A Global Challenge

19th June 2019

In what ways does mental health effect the physical and economic health of nations?/ How can we address the tremendous inequities in access to affordable mental health in middle and low-income countries?/ What are some of the cost-saving solutions to the ‘treatment gap’?/ Why is international investment in mental health so vanishingly small?/ What are the next steps for global mental health?


Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft - King's College London


Grace Ryan - Research Fellow in Global Mental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine



Tax for the Common Good

10th April 2019

Few people like paying tax, but it's how we pay for the kind of society we want to build. So what's the relationship between tax law and ethics? How much tax should individuals and corporations pay? How can we ensure that the tax system is fair, efficient, and transparent? What does the Christian tradition say about the Common Good, and what can be expected from individuals and businesses?

Organised together with the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility, Church Action on Tax Justice, and London Churches Social Action


Fr Simon Cuff - Tutor and Lecturer in Theology, St Mellitus College


David Haslam - retired Methodist Minister, Chair of the recently-launched 'Church Action on Tax Justice'


Anne Fairpo - Temple Tax Chambers, Past President of Chartered Institute of Taxation



Aid and Development Post Brexit

20th February 2019

The UK is a development superpower, one of the most generous countries in the world. In its own right, as well as the third contributor (after Germany and France) to the EU’s aid budget. As for the EU, it channels more than half of the worlds ODA (Overseas Development Assistant) annually, something that constitutes a key political asset of the Union in its external relations.


How will Brexit impact UK aid and development? What does Brexit mean in terms of aid? Will the EU development policy change after Brexit? Will the global poor suffer as a result of Brexit?


Claire Leigh, Director of International Development - Save the Children


Dr Sophia Price, Head of Politics and International Relations at Leeds Beckett University


Richard Burge, former CEO of Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council and Wilton Park