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2011 Events (part 2)


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27th July City Talk: 'Ubuntu Leadership and Listening: An African Perspective'


14th September 2011: JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'The influence of the Bible on British Politics'

by Nick Spencer, Research Director of Theos


21st September 2011 City Talk by Dr Wilf Wilde: Libya, Elusive Revolutions and the Empire of Oil


27th September at 12.30pm at the offices of Barnett Waddingham

JustShare Debate in partnership with the City of London Fairtrade Group: 'Can Fairtrade Prosper in a Recession?' Speakers: Prof Paul Palmer (Cass), Andrew Emmott (Twin Trading) and James Bennet (Fairtrade Foundation)


28th September 2011JustShare Lecture on Christian Social & Political Thought: ‘What do the Pope and the Archbishop say about the economic crisis?’

The Revd Dr John Hughes, University of Cambridge


17th October 2011 (National Ethical Investment Week)


A City Talk by John Reynolds on his book of the same title, written with Ed Newell


26th October 2011 JustShare Lecture on Christian Social & Political Thought: 'Malcolm Muggeridge and the Kingdom of Heaven'

Nicholas Flynn, editor of Muggeridge's Time and Eternity


8th November 2011 JustShare Discussion: 'Render Unto Caesar... Tax Justice and Tax Planning'

John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network,  interviewed by Bloomberg journalist Simon Clark.


15th November Business Breakfast generously hosted by Cass Business School, in association with JustShare and the City of London Fairtrade Steering Group.

'Let them eat cake: The role of global food pricing in political change.'

Aurelie Walker (Trade Policy, Fairtrade Foundation); Professor Paul Palmer (Cass Business School); Phil Sigley (CEO, Federation of Cocoa Commerce), and Alderman Alison Gowman


30th November 2011 JustShare Lecture on Christian Social and Political Thought: 'The spirituality of economics'

Kathy Galloway, Director of Christian Aid Scotland and former head of the Iona Community


6th December 2011 JustShare Debate: Inequality and Exclusion: Inevitable Consequences of Economic Development?'

Dr Bingqin Li of the LSE; Dr Stephen Davies of the IEA; Dr Faiza Shaheen of the nef.







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