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2011 Events


Wednesday 26th October 2011 at 6.05pm

JustShare Lecture on Christian Social & Political Thought:

'Malcolm Muggeridge and the Kingdom of Heaven'

Speaker: Nicholas Flynn, editor of Muggeridge's Time and Eternity

Chair: David Williams, Secretary of the Malcolm Muggeridge Society (and husband of Muggeridge's niece)


It was a pleasure to welcome Nicholas Flynn and David Williams to St Mary-le-Bow for this lecture. Both knew Malcolm Muggeridge personally and were able to share fascinating glimpses of his life and character. Nicholas Flynn focused in particular on Muggeridge's time reporting from Russia in the 1930s where he described Stalin as a 'thinking guillotine' presiding over an 'organised famine.' Although the accuracy of Muggeridge's reports for the Manchester Guardian have since been recognised, and were given credence at the time by the fact that international journalists were banned by the Russian authorities after Muggeridge's articles were published, many of his contemporaries were ostensibly supporters of Soviet politics and Muggeridge found himself against the tide - not for the first or last time.


We learnt about his Fabian origins, the influence of his father as he grew up in Croydon, his early travels to Cairo where he took over the post of teacher from Robert Graves, his encounters with Arthur Ransome and PG Wodehouse, his friendship (and later criticism) of Ian Fleming, his conroversial comments on the Queen and his extraordinary personal generosity. Questions and discussions continued over Fairtrade wine generously sponsored by La Riojana.


Tuesday 17th October 2011 (National Ethical Investment Week)

"The Ethics of Investment Banking"

A City Talk by John Reynolds on his book of the same title, written with Ed Newell and launched in October 2011.


We were privileged to hear John Reynolds discuss his diagnoses of the ethical weaknesses of investment banking and his proposed remedy for them - an ethical framework which moves beyond vague exhortations to behave with integrity but actually spells out what this means in areas of daily practice, from remuneration to marketing to conflict of interest.


You can now watch the live film recording of John's talk here and the audience Q&A session here, with thanks to Rob Gordon of the St Paul's Institute.

video ethical Video (part 2) Video (part 1)