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13th July 2010 JustShare Debate: 'Climate Change and the City: Scepticism or Solutions?'

All Hallows by the Tower

Speakers Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and Professor Michael Mainelli, Chair of Z/Yen, led an interesting discussion on responses to climate change. Both speakers were sceptical - even pessimistic – about the real scope for solutions, although for different reasons.





22nd September 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture:

'Can we reconcile the love of money with the Common Good?'

Paul Moore told his fascinating story as 'the HBOS whistleblower' and explored the illumination his experiences cast on Caritas in Veritate's assertion that 'the economy needs ethics to function correctly.' He argued that the problem is not the lack of regulation but the lack of sufficient political will to enforce it, and he suggested that we all have a role to campaign for a culture or more genuine accountability.





13th October 2010  Launch of Church Action Guide for National Ethical Investment Week 2010

'The role of faith in a sustainable future'

JustShare was delighted to host this launch event on behalf of UKSIF and ECCR. The event featured a panel discussion with speakers from ECCR, the Co-operative Bank, CCLA and the Church Commissioners and prompted some stimulating debate on what more Christians should do to ensure that their money is used ethically.





20th October 2010 JustShare Lecture: ''Social Justice: Political Imperative'

John Gummer delivered an impressive lecture in which he argued that globalisation had repositioned 'love thy neighbour' as a pragmatic and political imperative rather than as a purely moral obligation. Many of the dangers we face today are global (climate change being the most obvious example) and therefore required global solutions reached by consensus based on mutual need - or love.


9th November 2010 at 1.05pm 'How to invest ethically: Opportunities for churches and individuals'

A panel disucssion for National Ethical Investment Week

We were delighted to welcome speakers from Shared Interest, Triodos, Oikocredit, Arcubus and EIRIS to this panel discussion for National Ethical Investment Week which was chaired by Edward Mason of the C of E Ethical Investment Advisory Group. Our panellists described the ethical investment products they offer whilst visiting speaker Immaculate Mwaungulu, manager of the Mama Bahati Foundation (a microfinance instution) in Tanzania, explained how MBF worked and spoke of the positive impact ethical investors in the UK could have on her community. It was a pleasure to bring this cross-section of ethical investors together, discovering in the process how much they each had in common.

Watch live film clips of this event here.





17th November 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture:

''Justice between the Generations: the Changing Pattern of Obligations'

Ann Morisy, community theologian and lecturer, delivered a radical lecture onthe impacts of increased longevity on the opportunities and roles open to different generations, the allocation of resources between them and their effect on democracy, touching on pensions, housing, education and the environment in the process. She noted that we need to evolve a language to explore these issues which avoided the dynamics of 'us and them' and what 'they ought to do.' She suggested that a Christian response should work against scape-goating (perhaps taking Jesus as the model for that) and work towards compassionate voting rather than self-interested voting, re-moralising democracy and seeking to realise a more holistic concept of inter-generational relationships and mutual support.



Written Report - Click to read:

1st December 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'Can Faith Renew Politics?'

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