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26th January 2010 JustShare Debate: 'Could the Recession Slow Down Climate Change?'

Speakers: Greg Barker MP (Shadow Minister for Climate Change) and Mark Lynas, (environmentalist and author). Chair: Brain Cuthbertson.


27th January 2010 JustShare Lecture: 'The City of God and the City'

We were delighted to welcome the the Revd Canon Dr Nick Sagovsky (Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey) to deliver the first of our 2010 series.


28th & 29th January 2010: ‘Building an Ethical Economy’

Trinity Institute Conference - from Trinity Wall Street, New York(Webcast live to St Paul’s Cathedral.)

Keynote speakers at this stimulating conference included the Archbishop of Canterbury and Cambridge economist Sir Partha Dasgupta. You can read more about its discussions and watch the webcast again via the website of St Mary-le-Bow’s sister church in New York City.

Watch video clips here


10th March JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'Ageing: Burden or Blessing?'

The Revd Dr James Woodward, Canon Steward of Windsor, delivered a fascinating lecture on the value placed by society on elderly people. It was predicted that by 2035 there would be just over two working people for every one pensioner. This represented a significant shift in our demographics and yet we continued to marginalise pensioners whilst pursuing the next rejuvenating consumer product. In other cultures, ageing was revered and yet even in the Church elderly people were often devalued. Canon Woodward called for a nuanced view of ageing, noting that it presented many opportunities for spiritual growth and enrichment.


16th March 2010 JustShare Debate: 'Does the Fairtrade Foundation have a monopoly on fair trade?'

This debate marked Fairtrade Fortnight 2010.

Speakers: Chris Davis (Fairtrade Foundation) and Sarah Roberts (Director, the Ethical Tea Partnership); Chair: Brian Pepper (BAFTS)


14th April 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'The politics of William Blake'

The Revd Professor Christopher Rowland, Dean Ireland Professor of  the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford, gave an illuminating talk on the politics of Blake. Focusing particularly on Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, he discussed the juxtaposition of conflict and conflict resolution in the poems, and illustrated how Blake forced us to consider a range of questions of justice.


May Day 2010 – Vote Global!

JustShare celebrated May Day with its usual campaigning event at the Royal Exchange – this year taking the Vote Global theme in view of the General Election next week. Vote Global is a BOND campaign seeking to encourage voters to consider international development issues when quizzing their parliamentary candidates. The Vote Global International Development Manifesto calls on all the political parties to formulate policies on Climate Change, Debt Relief, Conflict Resolution, Corruption and Making the Global Economy Work for the Poor.


11th May 2010 JustShare Panel Discussion on big businesses and Fairtrade:'The big swap: issues and impacts'

JustShare brought together Julia Clark, Strategic Brand Manager at Tate & Lyle, Claire Levens, Head of Advocacy and Responsibility at Starbucks, and Alison Ward, Head of Global CSR at Cadbury. These three global corporations have switched to Fairtrade over the past couple of years. In celebration of World Fairtrade Day, we asked them why they did it and what impact it has had on their business; their supply chains, their brand and their bottom line, as well as on the farmers with whom they trade. The debate was be chaired by Ben Speed of the Fairtrade Foundation.


2th May 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'The Christian basis of democracy'

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon. Lord Harries of Pentregarth, formerly Bishop of Oxford, spoke as the coalition government began to emerge following the UK General Election. He argued that there were two fundamental aspects to democracy; its emphasis on equality and on liberty. Both of these fundamental aspects of democracy were rooted in Christianity.


30th June 2010 JustShare Christian Social and Political Thought Lecture: 'Is peace a delusion?'

The Revd Dr Paul Oestreicher, founding Chair of Amnesty International, argued that ending all war could be realism rather than idealism. Many think it is an unattainable prospect – but many thought the end of slavery was impossible before its abolition too. He drew a distinction between the military, whose role was, ultimately, to fight, and the police, whose role was to keep the peace, and asked, ‘Who polices the police'

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