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We do this through free public debates, seminars, lectures and other events aiming to engage specifically with the City of London on issues of global development and justice, and to encourage positive action in response. Learn more here.

JustShare is a coalition of churches and charities committed to promoting a just share of the world’s resources for all.

Violence against women and girls: reason to hope?

23 May 2018

world trade

30 May 2018

Allie Renison - Head of Europe and Trade Policy, Institute of Directors


Stephen Jacobi - Executive Director, NZ International Business Forum


Moderator: Richard Burge - Chief Executive, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

20 June 2018


Andrew Smith - Campaign Against Arms Trade


Anna Stavrianakis - Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex


Nicholas Gilby - Author of Deception in High Places: A History of Bribery in Britain's Arms Trade

The Terms of the World's Trade

Recent Events:

The Gobal Arms Trade: Defending the Indefensible?