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We do this through free public debates, seminars, lectures and other events aiming to engage specifically with the City of London on issues of global development and justice, and to encourage positive action in response. Learn more here.


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JustShare is a coalition of churches and charities committed to promoting a just share of the world’s resources for all.


Upcoming Event:



Violence against women and girls: reason to hope?


7th March 2018

St James's Church Piccadilly


Recent Events:


Trade Agreements and Human Rights; who cares?


13th February 2018

St Mary-le-Bow Church


In a post-Brexit society, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their products and practices do not adversely affect human rights around the world. How do ethical international businesses trade and interact with countries with a track record of human rights abuses? What role should governments and international trade deals take in these considerations?


Our panel included:


Dr Stephen Woolcock (International Trade Policy Unit, LSE)


Prof Philip Booth (Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics, St Mary's University)


Charney Magri (Fashion 4 Change, award winning international ethical photographer)


Chaired by Helen Dennis (Policy and Advocacy Manager, Fairtrade Foundation)

What hope is there for ending violence against women in the City, nationally and around the world? Currently in the UK, two women are killed by a current or former partner and around the world one in three women have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused.  Violence against women and girls is pervasive and not only experienced physically. It can be an everyday and ongoing experience of exclusion, objectification and marginalisation, and can result in torment both emotionally and mentally. In recent years we have witnessed an increase in sexual abuse and violence against women all over the world including towards the highest profile women in UK politics.


Join us as our panel of speakers talk about reasons to hope in the face of such violence, and point to ways we can all be part of positive change.




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